Shadow Circus doing puppets for Cleveland Production of Avenue Q!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been commissioned to build Avenue Q puppets for a Cleveland production at the Blank Canvas Theatre! We’re super honored to be take part in this fantastic puppet musical put on by such a talented team!

If you’re in the Cleveland Ohio area, you can catch the show from December 7th to 22nd. Advanced tickets are available at this link.


Trekkie Monster, completed and ready for his adventures in Cleveland


Creature Design for new Indie Film; ‘Visitations’

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been commissioned to design and build a ‘grey’ alien for the upcoming short film ‘Visitations’ by Scrutari Pictures. It’s been way too long since I’ve had an excuse to make an alien! #puppetmaking #greyalien #scrutarifilms



What We’ve Done & What We’re Doing


We’re just coming off an exciting weekend performing at Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret presents: Grimm. We got to share the stage with our friends Kat Robichaud, Unwoman, Eka Boo Button, Bo Vixxen and Johmmy Rockitt. Our sticky handprints got to be all over the show, as we supplied puppet creatures from Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story and assorted other puppets along with a horn headpiece from Legend.

photo by Jody Lyon

photo by Jody Lyon

The show concluded with a cover of Kat performing ‘The Rainbow Connection’ with all the performers emerging with puppets which, hand to heart, may be one of my top favorite things that I’ve ever been a part of onstage ever.

photo by Jody Lyon

Now that we’ve finished this run of shows, I’ll have a bit of breathing space to catch up on commissions and give the Patreon a little more love. I’m moving forward on the work I’m doing for Scrutari Pictures (I’ll post some design sketches and behind the scenes stuff for the $5 and up folks in the next couple days) and I have a couple of video ideas that have been sitting in my head that I want to try to make before the month ends.

Buuut in the meantime, I want to give some love to some of our collaborators who also have Patreons. Kat Robichaud is, of course, the one who puts on Misfit Cabaret, and she has her own Patreon where she gives behind the scenes access to her work and has exclusive music and videos to her patrons. Aside from being an amazing artist and performer, she’s always given incredible opportunities to us and to other Bay Area artists.

Also, because Kat never sleeps, she’s jetting off to do a set of shows in Seattle this week, so if you’re in that area, you can catch her over the next two weekends.

Also, our friend Unwoman has a Patreon. She was part of Misfit Cabaret this past week, but we’ve actually known Unwoman for many many years (as long as I’ve been performing, at least) and I’m incredibly fond of her and her work. She plays the electric cello, and on her Patreon she does cello covers and if you become a patron you can vote on what songs she does! It’s absolutely a delight and you should definitely check it out.

This was from a show ten years ago, so Unwoman’s been putting up with our hi-jinx a LONG time!

As usual, thank you for all your support! We’ll have new exciting things for you soon!

Cartoons, Fairy Tales & Other Shenanigans!

Heeeey, hepcats! I want to take the time to thank all of you that have stuck around here after the format change, and to welcome those of you who have newly joined us! HIYEEEEE! Thank you for being here! HIYEEE!!! ::waves energetically::

We are now in the pollen-laden and brightly-colored throes of spring, and while this is my least favorite time to go outside (curse you blazing sun-nemesis) or go clothes shopping (what do you MEAN you don’t have anything in black velvet!? ANT-FIENDS!) we do nonetheless have some exciting things to look forwards to, particularly for those of you who live in the Bay Area.

Firstly is THIS FRIDAY, where the world famous Hubba Hubba Revue burlesque show will be doing a celebration of children’s shows and cartoons at Hubba Hubba Revue’s ‘Cartoon Funhouse!’  It’ll have a fantastic lineup of performers, all hosted by Cap’n Kingfish,  Alexa Von Kartoonface and a bunch of puppet monstrosities supplied by, well, what do you know… US! If you happen to be in the Bay Area, be sure to get tickets here. Floor seats are already almost sold out as of this posting!

And we’ve got more exciting stuff in May! You know our friend Kat, right? I know y’all do, a bunch of you are here because of our work with Kat (THANK YOU KAT! WE ADORE AND APPRECIATE YOOOOU!). You know – THIS Kat:

(because I’m never NOT entertained by scaring friends with rubber monsters – SORRY!)

Aaaaaanyway, as many of you may be aware, Kat does a show called Misfit Cabaret with music and acrobats and drag acts and lots of other fantastic stuff, and we’re lucky enough to be a regular part of it (see exhibit A above). My favorite show of hers is Grimm; generally a fairy-tale themed show, but mainly a celebration of a bunch of our favorite 80’s fantasy films (Labyrinth, Legend, Neverending Story, etc…). I’m thrilled to announce that it’s coming back to the Bay Area from May 10th to 12th. We’re debuting some exciting new puppets for this run. I mean, this is pretty good, right?

I’m a little proud of that. And you can see Charlie and I puppeteering it (along with other 80’s rubber monsters!) at Misfit Cabaret presents Grimm! You can get tickets HERE, but there’s a discount today if you’re a member of Kat’s patreon, which is totally worth it!

For those of you who aren’t in the Bay Area, don’t worry; there are plenty of fun things coming your way! And I’ve been doing a whole bunch of original sketches for all the $25 and up Patrons!

So if you turn up to any of the events, be sure to come up and say hi!



Unexplained Mysteries

I just released a new Patron-only early access video to Patreon. In our new video, Syrus hosts a Paranormal Investigation show, where they uncover a TERRIFYING new monster.

Because this video *is* a little time-sensitive, we’ll be making it completely public tomorrow (customarily the lag will be anywhere from a week to being permanently patron-only) so if you want to always have early or guaranteed access to our work, become a patron at




As of today, the Wednesday’s Wonderium Patreon has been rebranded to a general Shadow Circus Patreon! Despite the original show ending, we’d still like to have your support for all the other puppet-related stuff that we’re doing! There will be even more web videos, films and art coming from our team, and you’ll be aiding in the production of our live show! We have a whole new set of rewards including original art and live video chats where you can watch me construct monsters (I may or may not be wearing pants).

     At the start of this new launch, we’re hoping to have a (free) new Easter-related web video out by the end of the week!

We’re grateful for all the support we’ve had from our patrons over the past year, and we hope that folks will join us as we continue onto the next stage of our ADVENTCHAS!



We have a trailer!

I’m super excited to present to you the trailer for the upcoming pilot episode of ‘Wednesday’s Wonderium!’ It’s just a short peek, but we hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into the chaotic adventure that is… THE WONDERIUM! OOOOOOH! 

Remember; our new series is available exclusively via subscription to our Patreon, so be sure to subscribe at

Also,    if any of you are local to San Francisco, I will be performing with my puppets at The Edwardian Ball this Saturday , both at the afternoon Tea Party and in the upstairs lodge during the main event. I’ll be performing with Ariellah Darker Still  at 9:30 and 11:00. Hope to see you there!

Announcing our new series; ‘Wednesday’s Wonderium!’


It’s unveiling time!! We’re going to be making a new online kid’s show with Wednesday Mourning called’ WEDNESDAY’S WONDERIUM!” It’s going to be a ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’-esque show starring Wednesday which will feature puppets, animation, and stop motion, and you can help make it happen by pledging and subscribing on Patreon!

Also, I pretty much never ask this, but this time I’m asking all of you hepcats to please spread this Patreon link absolutely everywhere! This is a complicated project that’s going to need a lot of support, but we really believe in it, and we’re really excited to to make it happen!

Catching Up! Because I’m a Lousy Friend!

Sorry we haven’t updated in a while – we’ve actually had an exciting few months! Last month our short film ‘Dude, Where’s Our Shard?’ was awarded an honorable mention by the JIM HENSON COMPANY, and director / troupe founder Dave Haaz-Baroque and puppeteer Kimberly Lauren got an exciting tour of Muppet Studios and the Creature Shop!

Also, we released an all new episode of ‘Sasquatch’s Scary Stories,’ got to share a booth with our good friend Wednesday Mourning (from the TV show ‘Oddities: San Francisco.’)  at Sinister Creature Con. Dave Haaz-Baroque performed at Misfit Cabaret, and next up we’ll be appearing at ‘North Bay Cabaret’, ‘The Night Circus Halloween’ (produced by Paradox Media – the folks who do the Edwardian Ball!) and we’ll be returning to ‘ShadowDance’.

wed-sassWednesday & Sassy at Sinister Creature Con

That certainly is a lot of stuff going on! I know I’m lousy about posting here, so if you want to stay REALLY on top of all things Shadow Circus, it’s best to follow our official Facebook page. I’m marginally better at updating that.


ETA: WordPress de-activated all the links I put in here (whomp whomp). So just search Facebook under ‘Shadow Circus Creature Theatre.’