Are You Afraid of the Dark? You WILL be, as Shadow Circus Joins the Cast of NIGHT TERRORS!

Even though we’re only in July, we here at Team Shadow Circus never stop thinking about Halloween, and that’s why I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing creature puppetry for the San Francisco run of Misfit Cabaret: Night Terrors!


Join the Darling Misfits for an 80’s slumber party that goes horribly wrong as the guests start dying in horrific ways. A musical Variety show with intrigue, murder, popcorn and more! Don’t miss as contortionists climb out of TVs, Freddy Kruger slips into your dreams and out of her clothes, and we unmask a murderer!

Misfit Cabaret is a splendiferous variety show centered around magical music with a rotating cast of eccentric performers. From burlesque to drag to circus to magic, you never know what you’re going to see (or what you’re getting yourself into)! For each new Misfit Cabaret, emcee Kat Robichaud writes two original songs keeping with the theme of the evening and plays them with her Darling Misfit band, as well as a special medley to kick off the evening and welcome in the spirits of San Francisco’s saucy past. There’s comedy, romance, and bawdiness around every corner and not a dull moment or dry eye in the house.

Night Terrors begins the first two weekends in October, at Misfit Cabaret’s new home at the Alcazar Theater in San Francisco! We’ll be posting more details as they come!


See Me in MINNEAPOLIS for the National Puppet Slam!

Heeey, Minneapolis friends! Have you always wanted to see me perform, but haven’t been able to because I live in the distant lands of California? Well, tomorrow’s your chance, because I’ll be performing as part of the The National Puppet Slam!

The National Puppet Slam showcases excellence and variety in short form adult puppet theatre.

The Loopers – Hobey Ford
Giant Woman – Zane Exactly and Cassie Bray
How Possum Played Death – Matt McGee
Indigenous – Katherine Fahey and Dan Van Allen
Toiley T. Paper: Downtown – Grant Baciocco
Tac and the Magician – Gavin Cummins
The Raven – Dave Haaz-baroque
Trouble – abandoned ships/Milissa Orzolek
The Final Buzz – Mark Royston, Zoe Yale, and Madison Girifalco

Hosted by Beau Brown
Curated by Kathleen Conroy

Recommended for audiences 18+

“Funding made possible in part by the HBH fund”

Thursday, July 18th 10 pm

the Rarig Center, University of Minnesota

No photo description available.

Misfit Cabaret will be making its LA DEBUT!

In just ONE MONTH we’ll be venturing down to LA to bring Misfit Cabaret Whimsea LA to our Southern California friends! It’ll be an amazing night of music, sideshow, drag, a menagerie of my belligerent puppets and our intrepid and talented captain Kat Robichaud steering the ship! I hope all our friends come out to see it! #puppetry #puppets #drag #sideshow #pirates #misfit cabaret #katrobichaud #Whimsea #hayworththeatre

tix available at

December Will Be Magic Again

It’s the holidays! Hoooraaaay! I hope everyone’s having a great time so far this December! We’re getting geared up for our second year of ringing in the cheer with ‘a Very Merry Misfit Cabaret.’ It’s that magical, enchanting time of year when we get to absolutely terrify poor Kat with rubber monsters! FESTIVE!


And this year’s show will have even MORE rubber monsters and more guests and lots of other exciting things! Plus we’re releasing a Misfit Cabaret exclusive button that will be available at the show:

Very Merry Button red

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, why not spend your holidays with us? Tickets are available here and we’re running six shows, so you have lots of opportunities to catch it!

The other thing I’m excited about is the new holiday special we’re working on! Folks, I am really really thrilled about this one (I know I say that a lot; I’m an anxious and excitable person, like a Border Collie that kinda figured out how to wear people clothes – kinda)! Since Wednesday’s Wonderium ended I’ve done a handful of short, simple web films with me and Kimmy, but this month I’m releasing a full cast, scripted out, honest-to-gods film that we made! Our first in over a year!

And is this film ever a doozy! It’s parody of the Hallmark Original Christmas movies, and it’s got all our regulars like Kimberly Lauren and Charlie Gray and Victoria Victrola and it stars Francesca Sapien who is so very patient because I always make her play such insufferable and basic characters. Everyone’s really given it their all, and the whole cast is hilarious!

And HOLY CRAP Unwoman did an original song for the film! The cast heard it for the first time yesterday when we were on set and we can’t believe how utterly perfect and wonderful it is. I really feel so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing group of friends to help me out with these preposterous schemes.

So sometime next week we should have a release date and trailer for our newest film – “Every Christmas Romance.”


Okay, I admit; it’s not my best promo image. I edited it on my phone – give me a break! I’ll do a better one in Photoshop later.

Aaaaaanyways – stick around folks! We’ve got some great stuff coming your way! And as always; thank you for your ongoing support!

BLOODY MARY! And more Halloween Shenanigans!

Hello, all! We’re now a little more than halfway through October! Hopefully you’ve been embracing all the spooky atmosphere that comes with this time of year; bought pumpkin-shaped candy that tastes like crayons, picked out a costume that you’ll drunkenly lose half of by 10:00 at a Halloween party, watched a pirated upload of ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown…”
You know, regular awesome October stuff!
We’ve definitely been deep in the Halloween Spirit here at Shadow Circus Headquarters (note: there are no headquarters. It’s just my apartment). This last week was the opening weekend of The Oasis’ production of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Live!” It’s absolutely hilarious and SO well-done and, as mentioned in previous posts, has a giant puppet that we built for the Mayor / Snake Demon at the end:
Photo by Sloane Kantor
If you live in the area, you DEFINITELY want to see the show. It runs until November 3rd, but many of the showings are already selling out, so make sure to get tickets soon!
Also for locals; Charlie Gray and I will be holding a presentation booth on Sunday at the East Bay Maker’s Fair! This’ll be a great chance for you (or your kiddos) to see and play with the puppets in person, ask the both of us about puppetry (or anything else) or just chill out and do crafts with us! Tickets are available HERE!
But what about Halloween itself, you may ask? Well, on the actual DAY of October 31st, we’ll be on a plane heading to Chicago, because our Halloween Festivities will be carrying over just a weee bit into November for NIGHT OF THE STRIPPING DEAD! It’s our first time making it out to Chicago, so we’re incredibly excited to be bringing our mischievous monsters to the Windy City!
So we really hope this Halloween season has been as fun for you as it’s been for us! But just in case you need a extra boost of seasonal magic, here’s another installment of ‘Scary Stories to Tell by the Campfire!’ This episode is ‘BLOODY MARY’ and it stars Francesca Sapien and Shadow Circus regular Victoria Victrola!
Enjooooy! We’ll be back to haunt you some more soooon! ❤

Sasquatch’s Scary Stories to Tell by the Campfire – BLOODY MARY from Shadow Circus Creature Theatre on Vimeo.


The Green Ribbon (& Other Spooky Adventures)

Happy Spooky Season, everyone!


It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeeear! 

That’s right, folks, it’s October! To help ring in the month, I’m reposting another episode of ‘Sasquatch’s Scary Stories.’ This episode is called THE GREEN RIBBON, and it stars Victoria Victrola and Bronica Blue.

If you’re local and interested in seeing screenings of additional episodes of ‘Scary Stories,’ Victoria is holding an event called ‘SECRETS & GHOST STORIES’ this Sunday! Tickets can be bought here: The link is password protected for this underground event, but you can get in with the password ‘zipit.’

Also taking place in Northern California; the limited theatrical release of ‘I Believe in Halloween’, the newest documentary by ‘Creepy KOFY Movie Time’ alumni November Fire. This is a kiddo-appropriate documentary about Halloween, and it features our puppets in three musical numbers! It’ll be screening in various places around California, but the launch is at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco on October 12th!


Lastly; I’m going to be releasing a new video on Patreon at the end of the week! Often times when I’ve made puppets for theatrical productions, the producers have asked me if I could coach their performers on best practices for puppeteering. I’ve been asked enough that I decided to put together a brief puppeteering instruction video with Kimberly Lauren. This’ll go live later this week, but you can only watch it if you’re a subscriber on Patreon! If you’re not a patron, but want to see our newest instructional film, now’s the time to join up!

And as an extra incentive, the first three people to sign up at the $5 or up level will receive a copy of the soundtrack to ‘I Believe In Halloween*’ – a whole CD filled with jaunty musical throwbacks celebrating our favorite spooky holiday!

So as you can see, this is going to be a packed month – and we haven’t even covered ALL the things we have planned yet! We still have plenty more exciting things to tell you about, so strap in – this could be our best Halloween season yet!

*available to US patrons only – sorry!


IT’S HALLOWEEN SEASON – our very very FAVORITE season over here at Team Shadow Circus! We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting things to pull out of our ol’ Trick or Treat bag this year! For starters, we’re going to try really REALLY hard to bring you a new episode or two of our annual series ‘Scary Stories to Tell by the Campfire’ – Shadow Circus’ own jumbled take on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,’ hosted by our old friend Hipster Sasquatch. To help get you in a spooky mood, we’ll also be reposting the entire series so far between now and Halloween, starting with the first episode, ‘The Big Toe!’

On the local front; every October at the Oasis they do a live drag adaptation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each year they tackle a different season, and since they did Season 2 last year, I knew I wanted to jump on production for this year. Not only was Season 3 THE BEST season of Buffy* but it ends with this guy:


Well… okay, the effects aren’t the best. It was 1999-era television budget CGI – what can you expect? But I just knew it would make an amazing puppet for the live show, and so I was thrilled that they agreed to let me give it a shot. This is what I have so far:


Sure I can’t use my sofa for a while and I came thisclose to poisoning myself with Barge cement, but so far I think it’s totally worth it! At some point I imagine I’ll do a Twitch Stream while I work on it, so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you want to see this critter in action, make sure to get tickets to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Live! Aside from pushing my own work, I can honestly say that it’s a fun, hilarious, enjoyable show that you won’t want to miss! You can get tickets to the event here!

Lastly – SANTA ROSA FOLKS! I will be at the Santa Rosa Toy Con, so if you’re in the area, make sure you stop by! And do you know who ELSE is going to be there?




I am so excited you don’t even know. I am Troy from Community right now:


Aaaanyway… As I say, the next few months are going to be full of exciting things, and I haven’t even mentioned HALF of them yet! So stay tuned, enjoy ‘The Big Toe’ and prepare for our most magical and harrowing Halloween season yet!

*(I mean, I totally adore Tara and there’s way more Anya later on who is my favorite and both the musical episode and ‘The Body’ are phenomenal but ON AVERAGE I like Season 3 best)

Shadow Circus doing puppets for Cleveland Production of Avenue Q!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been commissioned to build Avenue Q puppets for a Cleveland production at the Blank Canvas Theatre! We’re super honored to be take part in this fantastic puppet musical put on by such a talented team!

If you’re in the Cleveland Ohio area, you can catch the show from December 7th to 22nd. Advanced tickets are available at this link.


Trekkie Monster, completed and ready for his adventures in Cleveland

What We’ve Done & What We’re Doing


We’re just coming off an exciting weekend performing at Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret presents: Grimm. We got to share the stage with our friends Kat Robichaud, Unwoman, Eka Boo Button, Bo Vixxen and Johmmy Rockitt. Our sticky handprints got to be all over the show, as we supplied puppet creatures from Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story and assorted other puppets along with a horn headpiece from Legend.


photo by Jody Lyon


photo by Jody Lyon

The show concluded with a cover of Kat performing ‘The Rainbow Connection’ with all the performers emerging with puppets which, hand to heart, may be one of my top favorite things that I’ve ever been a part of onstage ever.


photo by Jody Lyon

Now that we’ve finished this run of shows, I’ll have a bit of breathing space to catch up on commissions and give the Patreon a little more love. I’m moving forward on the work I’m doing for Scrutari Pictures (I’ll post some design sketches and behind the scenes stuff for the $5 and up folks in the next couple days) and I have a couple of video ideas that have been sitting in my head that I want to try to make before the month ends.

Buuut in the meantime, I want to give some love to some of our collaborators who also have Patreons. Kat Robichaud is, of course, the one who puts on Misfit Cabaret, and she has her own Patreon where she gives behind the scenes access to her work and has exclusive music and videos to her patrons. Aside from being an amazing artist and performer, she’s always given incredible opportunities to us and to other Bay Area artists.

Also, because Kat never sleeps, she’s jetting off to do a set of shows in Seattle this week, so if you’re in that area, you can catch her over the next two weekends.

Also, our friend Unwoman has a Patreon. She was part of Misfit Cabaret this past week, but we’ve actually known Unwoman for many many years (as long as I’ve been performing, at least) and I’m incredibly fond of her and her work. She plays the electric cello, and on her Patreon she does cello covers and if you become a patron you can vote on what songs she does! It’s absolutely a delight and you should definitely check it out.


This was from a show ten years ago, so Unwoman’s been putting up with our hi-jinx a LONG time!

As usual, thank you for all your support! We’ll have new exciting things for you soon!